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23 Years of Human Rights Protection in Tanzania!!


Library Catalogue

This is the list of books available at our library at LHRC public database on constitutional resources.

Title Author Publisher & place Publication Year ISBN Contents
50 Years Of Independence: A Conscise Political History of Tanzania Pius Msekwa Nyambari Nyangwine- 2013 9789987091522 View
A New Weave of Power, People And Politics John Samuel World Neighbors- 2008 978-1-85339-644-1 View
A Political Biography of Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete Nyang'oro Julius Edo Africa World Press,Inc- 2011 1-59221-775-3 View
A Political History of Munhumutapa S.I.G. Mudenge African Publishing Group- 2011 978-0-7974-4441-6 View
Abeid Karume 1905 -1972 Ali Shaaban Juma Rafiki Publishers Ltd.- 2013 978-9987-513-05-5 View
Admnistration of Justice In Mainland Tanzania Frank Mirindo Lawafrica Publishing(K) Ltd- 2014 9.966031167E9 View
Africa From Stone Age To The Nineteenth Century Tanzania Institute Of Education Dar Es Salaam University Press- 2002 997661070X View
Africa Today And Tomorrow The Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation - 2000 View
African Awakening: The Emerging Revolutions Firoze Manji And Sokari Ekine (Editors) Pambazuka Press- 2012 978-0-85749-021-6 View
After 50 Years The Promised Land Is Still Too Far Ibrahim J Werrema Mkuki Na Nyota- 2012 978-9987-08-170-7 View
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